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A most simple, low heat, 'insulated dome-top' cooking method. After 10-20 minute prep-time of cutting and slicing assorted veggies, each item is layered according to its density on top of 1/4 inch thick red onions spread neatly across the bottom. Then 1/2 inch thick carrots or raw potato slices, are followed by broccoli, sweet potato, green beans, and red cabbage; then fish or tofu, garnished with red pepper, and spices. Set on low heat, with insulated top as per shown, and by the time the aroma reaches out, your dish is likely ready ....Bon appetite.... Eet smakelijk!


Simplicity wins the day!
Omnibol, 2020-01-28
I did exactly as you prescribed.... the prep.... the olive oil + onions at the bottom, then your stacking order....had created my own insulated 'Dome Cap' and set the gas not quite at its lowest setting.....went in to the living room and waited for the aroma to waft my way... when it did, I just took your word, turned off the gas, and VOILA! ...never had such a juicy meal! ....I didn't even peek once! Kudos to you! + no cooking tomorrow! ....YEAH!

Review by ej, 2020-01-28
Much appreciated your kind responses 'Omnibol'! Remember though, don't use this method for cooking meats of any kind. Egg, fish fillets, and Tofu slices just fine, but NO meats!
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