Denman Island, BC, Canada

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About Rawganique

The Rawganique difference? We manufacture unique organic cotton hemp linen clothing, home & footwear products in-house: we grow, weave, knit & sew for true purity and environmental sustainability. Organically grown USA & European natural fibers. No pesticides. No GMO. Hand-crafted on a small scale in USA, Canada, & Europe by Rawganique. Not grown or made in China or India. We have homesteaded off the grid on Denman Island since 1997. We eat vegan organic foods from our organic gardens year-round.

Pure like no other. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-free.

Handcrafting organic cotton linen hemp clothing & home products is one of our passions. Homesteading off-the-grid on an island is the other. We grow our own organic foods year-round while living amidst wild nature. Our Leather-free Chemical-free Atelier has been handcrafting organic products since 1997.

Pure clothes. Pure bed. Pure bath. Pure footwear. Made in-house for folks who would settle for nothing less than true purity and environmental sustainability.

Got allergies and chemical sensitivities? Averse to toxic chemicals? Rest easy. We've got you covered.

Plus, we've launched our revamped website that's got requested features like wish lists, registries, affiliates, full account access, free shipping*, and more! store.rawganique.com

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