Return Policy


Applicable to an acknowledged Registered Member Listing Account of's paid SHOP Online, Community Featured, and/or Combo Ads. 

Believing to have a bright future, we are offering our Lister-Members what we feel to be very fair costs for carrying their Ads on our Website services. Our limited staff is dedicated to promote and include as many new Cities, their Neighborhoods, Towns and Communities, as quickly as possible, so that may become an active and thriving site to benefit all who visit and make use of its services. As such, we feel we can not afford to spend precious time on costly refunds. Refunds - by paybacks - through our Merchant Processor, are time-consuming and costly!  Experience will indicate how we may need to make adjustments in our continuing efforts to function smoothly and efficiently, in order to stay on top of our overhead costs.

We therefor ask you, the Member-Lister, to help our process run as efficiently as possible by being alert to the 10 day renewal notice of your Ad.  Should you decide to no longer run your Paid Ad, please alert us with a succinct email indicating your reasons at:  

However, should matters unfold differently, to maintain allround harmony, should you the Registrant Member-Lister insist, we will however oblige with your request and give you a full refund of your last payment.  Since you have complete control over your account and deletion of your listings, you can of course, at any time, cancel your Registration. 



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