About Us!


Though gocascadia.com now has a superb and highly commendable and reliable Host: Tier.Net , serving gocascadia.com on their VPS servers out of Bend, Oregon, finding and bringing a well-integrated, talented Team on board is easier said than done! As such, the 'About Us' will continue to be an unfolding reality! 

Realizing that local community input, and sharing basic wants and needs wthin a sustainable and integrated environment are now ever-more vital, former Theatre and Film Director - come low-tech inventor - Jan Steen is he site's conceptualist. Jan lives on Hornby Island, a small British Columbia, Georgia Strait Gulf Island. He strongly believes the site can make a practical difference in helping humans effectively change their ways. With the ultimate Safety@ Security of its Registered Members in mind, he continues to work diligently to ensure this, while continuing his efforts with website developers BoldPixels.co out of India. 

If you are a Cascadian resident and agree with the above philosophy, then please join us on gocascadia.com. Together we can integrate our ways and ultimately become self-sustaining!  Our Pacific North-West Coast's 'Cascadia' is acknowledged to be the most likely bio-region to achieve this. 


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