Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, with any new site, our FAQs are in progress. You as a Cascadian can be part of this. The following are some FAQs we think may peek your interest now. 

Q: How safe are my Account Details? Other then your encrypted Pass Word (only YOU know) what is accessible to the public is your already publicly available, registered business detail. Your usage of our Online Paying methods with are entirely outside our jurisdiction. GoCascadia has zero track record of these transactions. GoCascadia.com is merely the conduit completing it.

Q: What's the difference between a SHOP Online Listing and a Featured Listing?  SHOP Online Listings represent Cascadia based businesses that strictly sell and distribute their products Online. Although they may also sell online, Featured Community Listings relate to Community oriented products and services. 

Q: Can I help increase GoCascadia.com listings? Great question! We are a grassroots startup concept and as such, should you believe in what we are aiming to achieve and feel you can be apart of this - contact us. We are looking to work with Regional representatives. (see our New Communities and Neighborhoods)  

Q: Would it be alright if I emailed you asking to upload a Landing Page for my Community? That would be totally exciting, as long as you are then prepared to help populate it by encouraging your local businesses to list on GoCascadia.com (and be rewarded for it)  > (see our New Communities and Neighbourhoods) 

Q: Is Go-Cascadia.com part of a political movement? NO! We focus primarily on promoting Pacific North West privately owned businesses and services that are run by conscientious individuals interested in promoting their locally produced products and services in a manner copacetic to living within the boundaries of Cascadia.

Q: Does GoCascadia.com distinguish between USA and CAD listers? Other than the reality of our differing dollar value and the practical necessity for exchange (wish they were the same) we are All Cascadians!  A dollar = a dollar, whether USD, or CAD. 

Q: Is GoCascadia.com part of a social-philosophical movement? Definitely! We envision a time when the peoples who live in this amazing part of the world can live integrated and comfortable within the means of a self-created life sufficiency, in harmony with, and respect for Nature, within the confines of our own created renewable resources, while allowing all creation around us to flourish, without taking advantage of any. 

Q: Is GoCascadia.com part of a religious movement? No! As long as the 'all aboard' listers are domiciled within the Cascadian boundaries and participate along the same lines as our site's vision, everyone is welcome!

Q: Are large conglomerates and institutions allowed to list on GoCascadia.com? No! However, if a potential lister owns or runs a Franchise as his/ her business, she/ he would highly likely be welcomed aboard.

Q: Who created GoCascadia.com ?  At this stage there is one old fellow doing his utmost to develop GoCascadia's looks, user friendliness and content. Although his budget dwarfs his vision, he is like that little train that 'Thinks it CAN,' believing perseverance of a worthy vision can overcome whatever is confronted :)>

Q: Do you have any pertinent questions, or suggestions? Why not register your Cascadia community by following the directions on: How to Add a Cascadia Community. 


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