How to Add Your Cascadia Community


To include your Pacific North-West, Cascadia located Town, Community or City Neighbo(u)rhood on

1) Encourage some 5 local residents to Register as members;  3 can be FREE Listings of actively participating Community Members;  1 needs to Register with a Community Featured Business Listing, and 1 with a Shop Online (or a 2nd Featured Listing) - all add a reliable contact email address.   This will allow to show your Community Home Page to be fully visually functioning in every department.  

2) For your Community Spotlight text, send us a paragraph that best describes your Community/ Neighbourhood

3) Depicting street-views, local business signs, or other defining locations, supply us with a minimum of 5 Quality Jpg/ Png, or Jpeg Photographs of at least 970 pixels wide x 420 high.

4) Send your DETAILS:   'Here'   Once received, and all looks well, we will upload your photos into a picture gallery, enter your Community Spotlight text and create your Community Pages.  When done, we will email contact you, and your 5 Residents will be able to Register, upload their FREE: Buy, Sell & Trade or Paid Featured Business Listings, work the pages and, as such, become the first Members on board your very own Community site.

Please also check GoCascadia's 'How It Works'.


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