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Cascadia News!

January 1, 2021!  .....Happy NEW YEAR ... to all Cascadians and beyond! ... Somehow I have a feeling this will become a HISTORIC YEAR! .....I predict we will have COVID on the run, and, as a species, a re-awakening new sense of purpose! / The COVID pandemic is a global wake-up call and serious warning. We have become a run-away species, and Nature is telling us we need to make serious adjustments to the manner in which we express ourselves./  We need to work on being less greedy, opulent and self-absorbed, and strive to become better integrated with Nature! Like all other Life on Earth, living in harmony requires applying conscientious efforts to live within the concept of sustainable growth!, our PacificNorthWest niche oriented site, is created intentionally to rally the potential 20 million Pacific West Coasters, by expressing our needs and drives, allowing all Registrant/ Members ample space to express themselves.      


Complexities installing a properly functioning Online Merchant Card Processor has guided us to initially launch our custom-built  in British Columbia, with the simple Online Ad purchase allowances of:  Interac e-transfer. 

I will imminently begin contacting the various  BC domiciled Business Owners, some of whom may remember being present on our old site. I will encourage each to Officially Register on the new site!   By being Registered, Members will have full access and control of their Community site's amenities. These include Adding Calendar Dates, sending internal Site Messages to other Members, with participation in favorite Forums, seeing what's For Sale in the local Buy, Sell & Trade, and/ or upload their own FREE, or paid Ads. 

After contacting a number of Communities on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, I will begin reaching out to additional Communities and Neighbourhoods throughout the BC Cascadia area.  Very likely at that stage, a number of Members will have begun sharing their site-experience with me.  Once proven to work in our Province of BC, we will expand our Cascadian venture and reach out to our Cascadian Americans in the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  This in turn will lead us to seek a suitable Online Merchant Card Processor to aid our Cascadian Americans in posting their purchased Ads! 

So, If you are encouraged by what you see as a BC Cascadian, please join us by Registering as a FREE Member/ LIster on   Should, additionally, you feel you have talents to contribute to the site's growth behind the scenes, please make contact at:  

Early intentions are to grow the site from the 'Inside-Out'

I leave you with my Admin User Name: 'Omnibol'!

Sincerely, Jan Steen 

2021-01-01 12:51:45


[ I guarantee my business and I are domiciled in Cascadia ]
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