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Today, JANUARY 21, 2020 we have launched our custom-built!  Although there continue to be a number of adjustment glitches, based on their glorious Online Marketing Record, as well as their exquisite promotion, the crew is doing their utmost best to fullfill their efforts towards impeccable standards by successfully completing the site!  I will imminently begin contacting the various  Business Owners, some of whom may remember our old site. I will encourage them to Officially Register on the new site! By being Registered, Listed Members will be in full control of their listings.  After contacting a number of Communities on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, I will begin reaching out to additional Communities and Neighbo(u)rhoods throughout Cascadia.  At that stage, a number of Members on board will hopefully be sharing their site-experience with me. So, If you are a Cascadian and like what you see, then please join us by Registering as a FREE Member/ LIster on Should, additionally, you feel you have talents to contribute to the growth of the Online Site behind the scenes, then please make contact @:    -  Early intentions are to grow the site from the 'Inside-Out...wards!'  I leave you with my User Name, Sincerely, Go-cascas!

2020-01-26 23:28:26


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