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WELCOME Cascadians

Attention Photographers!
Gocascadia.com is looking for quality photos for its online Communities. For a picture credit or link, send us several JPG samples of at least 1200 Pixels sharp, identifying the Community or area. Shots of picturesque buildings, community defining business signs etc. are preferred. Photos identifying people must come with usage permission. Please add your email address and we will respond ASAP. Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those who have noted the site has not been actively marketed: I have learned there is only ONE ALLOWANCE to present your vision to its potential users. After working with various web-coders, and tried the Custom-PHP route, we are working on installing the Wordpress 'ListingPro' Directory.

Once the final site has been constructed and replaced the presnt Joomla-formatted site, we will focus on creating new Landing Pages for the existing Communities. At present some 23 Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands Communities (in ARBUTUS ORANGE) continue to have active listings.

Next, we will concentrate on introducing the site to Regional Economic Development Offices as well as enter the large city community neighbourhoods by contacting their local merchants, encouraging them to upload their businesses. Those who show to be most keen will be given our more immediate attention.

Never losing sight of both philosophical and inter-commercial self-sustaining aims and values for our Cascadia Bio-Region's journey, the site continues to be a labour of love and dedication, built with determination and belief that the timing is 'right'!

All of us fortunate to live in this Garden of Eden have an opportunity to show, first ourselves, then the world, that mankind can co-exist without having to go to the ends of the world to make it 'commercially feasible.' However, in order for GoCascadia to flourish, the effort can only come to fruition if Cascadians participate in this journey. With concerted efforts by all, I envisage Go-Cascadia.com to become a fully Bio-Region embracing, economically feasible working entity. Together with a number of other complimenting groups already functioning and enlightening the public, we can become the envy of a New World order. We will begin contacting our fellow Cascadians in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, ASAP. All Cascadian communities interested in joining us to promote their businesses with their listings, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sincerely, Jan Steen
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