The alarming influences of climate change through use of fossil fuels and mounting costs of goods distribution from long distances is urging us to look closer to 'HOME' for our sustenance and services. The Pacific North West, alias 'Cascadia,' is acknowledged to be the number one Bio-Region of North America. As such, we have the very best opportunity to show ourselves and the world, how we can live in harmony with nature. aims to umbrella the regions' businesses and peoples' inter connectives online, by concentrating on embracing its Cities, Towns and Islands, thus bringing focus to Cascadia's many Communities and Neighbourhoods.   

Together with other individuals and organizations already working on promoting the Cascadia RegionGO-Cascadia .com will render its online services best able to enhance and participate in these efforts. Our combined efforts and resources will ensure that Cascadia becomes an integrated, well-functioning, self-sustaining economy. 

If you like what we are setting out to achieve and are interested in becoming involved, send us a resume; we are seeking keen, capable, and conscientious individuals to help us in the endeavour to upload every single City, Town, and Community in the Cascadia Region. - No Cascadian neighbourhood economy shall be left out! -

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